Monday, December 30, 2013

Djevellue for Days

I recently found two small FO that I had completely forgotten I had done!  I am not exactly sure how you forget that you have done a project - maybe because it was a small project, the pattern was very easy to follow or because it got packed away for when the baby comes.  I did two baby caps from this pattern on Gros Lille Krok's blog.

Not knowing yet at that point if it was a girl or boy, I opted for relatively gender neutral colours - fire engine red and a softer orange.

The orange cap I did with some Handmaiden Casbah that I had laying around.  The leftovers went to the baby vest I made recently, so I managed to get a matching set out of the skein and might have enough left over for some little booties.  We shall see...

For this cap, I followed the pattern quite literally with regards to needle size, etc.  I did find though that the yarn had so much give that the gauge is a bit larger than what was suggested in the pattern, meaning the hat is a little large as well.  The baby I am carrying is huge though... so I think this "knitting error" might work out in my favour as he will probably need it to cover this quickly growing head sooner rather than later.  

The second had, the red cap, I did a little differently.

This one I knitted with some Kauni wool/acrylic blend I had leftover from a sweater I had knitted my last son.  As we live in Denmark, which is famous for windy, wet, miserable winters, I wanted to see if I could knit this with a slightly larger needle and then gently felt it by soaking it in warm water.  I knew the wool would felt quite easily as my husband had washed the previously mentioned sweater with regular colours on a warm cycle.  Yes, it came out of the machine as one large wooly ball, so I knew just soaking it would be enough to tighten down the stitches just enough so the had would be pliable but still warm enough to keep the wind out.  Worked brilliantly!

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