Monday, November 16, 2009

Not safe to be my friend

I often joke with coworkers that I am a hazard to be around.  Most of them laugh off this idea, but I swear it’s true.  I travel to Denver on business – within 2 days of my departure, a guy decides to shoot up the capital building right down the street from my hotel and a woman gets arrested in the airport after repeatedly hitting her child in a plane.  Then I go to Boston.  Again, within a few days after I leave, a woman offering “massage services” gets shot and killed in the same hotel I lived in. 

This has happened too many times to count, but a last case I will bother to mention is when a couple of coworkers and I went to Tivoli in Copenhagen this summer. We were sitting at a cafe having a beer and I told them about some of the more recent incidences.  They again laughed it off as a joke, but then the next morning, the following happened:

Yeah, see those chairs and tables the car crashed into?  That is exactly where we were sitting when I told them about this.  By this point, I am feeling like the character Indrid Cole from The Mothman Prophecies

Nothing of this exact nature has happened lately, but I have had some bad luck with led me to reflect a bit on how I (somehow) seem to be a black cat spreading bad luck with everyone and everything that crosses my path.  First point of bad luck: some woman drove into my car on the freeway.  This in itself is enough to upset anyone, but when we drove over to the shoulder, the first thing that came out of this woman’s mouth was that my car was already in this condition when she it it.  She didn’t deny hitting my car, she just denied being at fault for any damage.  So what do you say to this?  If you are me, your sarcasm gene kicks in and you reply to this dumb comment by someone who you can only figure is in shock: “Yeah… I drove from work today with my back bumper in the trunk… Of course! How could I forget that?”  Hmm, maybe not the nicest move on my part, but since there was no “are you ok?” from this woman, I figure we could skip the niceties. 

The next morning I was still knocked a bit loopy.  I was in shock that this woman had behaved in this manner.  I was absolutely livid and since the accident, she had refused to answer her phone so I could get her insurance information.  I grew up in the US and saw a deal of foolish lawsuits – for example, we all now that you can get millions from McDonalds if you spill hot coffee in your lap while driving.  I get why you would want to limit frivolous lawsuits, but man… that morning after, I wanted a lawyer.

Second point of bad luck: we are all getting sick.   This weekend child 1 and 2 both got sick.  How did we discover that this happened?  Child 1 woke up screaming because she had gotten sick on her own head and Child 2 woke me up by getting sick on my head.  Well, not head, but in my hoodie.  Mmmmm…  I am home today while my car is in the shop and my kids are under the weather.  What a week already…Maybe it’s bad mojo coming home to roost because that other driver a freak napalming accident (no, I’m not bitter at all).

The Simple Things in Life: Poo Free Water and Quick Fix Knitting Projects

So the water here now has been poo free for a while now.  Like I said in my previous post, the water wasn’t technically contaminated with poo, it was just loaded with bacteria to the point that the government asked us not to drink it or use it for washing.  Big difference apparently.  After being without water for what came to be 2 whole weeks, being able to turn on the faucet and wash your hands or brush your teeth was almost liberating.  It was truly fantastic and now my only concern is that I would like to know why the water was contaminated.  They never found a source for the bacteria and not knowing if or how it could come back again, is a bit concerning.  Thirsty anyone?

Being back at work at Mega IT Corp Inc. has only gone to underline how therapeutic knitting has become for me.  I find myself browsing for a new pattern on Ravelry every once in a while and then stopping and reminding myself that sitting on my bum while working a way on a large project after having sat all day in front of a computer working on a multiple year long project and then spending two hours on my bum again driving home is probably not a great way to de-stress.  Small quick victories is what I need and small quick victories bees what me gets (odd use of pirate speak…).  So what did I make:

Thumb-less baby gloves and a mistake rib scarf.

Hardly ground breaking work, but fun, rewarding and I now have two warm kids.