Monday, February 22, 2010

Many project with small triumphs

I find that these days I seem to be suffering from a sort of knitting ADHD.  Not to make light of the real illness, but I think my laziness and inability to commit to a project long enough to complete it has made finishing any project requiring thought or time impossible.  I jump projects, I lose interest, I give up. 

However, over the past few weeks I have finished a surprisingly high number of quick satisfaction projects:


1. The Violet Green Sock: I say Sock – singular.  Knitting one sock is exciting and fun.  After you complete the first and have to cast on for the second, the excitement is gone.  On top of that, the I used (drops delight) was a bit of a let down as far as sock yarn is concerend, So we still only have one sock.  The sock is based on Violet Green’s Sock Generator, which punches out a really good pattern.


2. Thumbsuckers: My son has a habit of thumbsucking and won’t sleep unless he has his thumb at the ready.  Unfortunately, we have had temperatures of –10 to –15 during the day and Danish daycares lay their babies out to sleep from time to time, so this makes for super cold fingers.  I made little gloves from my own pattern to help expose this little thumb while keeping his fingers warm.

Coffee Cozy 2

3. A coffee cozy: Another made from my own pattern, but this time I crocheted it.  It’s been years since I have tried to crochet anything and I think this turned out pretty well.

Apple cozy

4. An apple cozy: This one is based on an apple cozy found on Ravelry.  Even though I crocheted this and I am not that fast at crocheting, it took me only 45 minutes to make which was great.  No more bruised apples in my daughter’s back pack!

Maybe some day I will figure out how to keep something larger or that takes more than a day to make on my pins.  Shoot for the stars.