Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knitting on the Go

My Elvira has been around the block a couple of times.  When she was just a wee cast on, she took the big trip over the pond on a business trip with me from Copenhagen to Chicago, San Diego, LA, Toronto, Buffalo and again to Chicago:


On the flight to Kiev, I joined the front and back pieces to form arm holes.  She was really starting to look like a real top/dress:


She has taken the daily trip to and from Copenhagen with me From Roskilde every day for the last 2 months:


Tomorrow I leave for Barcelona and guess who is going with me!  We will be working on the main part of the body:


At the pace I knit, she will also get a little vacation in Cyprus in April and hopefully return finished and ready to block:


So by the time she is done, she will have travelled 33,978 km or 21,114 miles.  Man I am a slow knitter…

Monday, March 21, 2011

Train Knitting

I have been taking the train to and from work the past two and a half months since I changed jobs.  At first I really missed the flexibility of having my car with me but then I suddenly realized that I can relax, sleep, read or even (dare I say it…) knit on the train.  Suddenly I had gotten two free hours in my day where there are no expectations on me and I am free to do something I want to do. 

So today as I was rolling into to Copenhagen Central Station on what was a slightly sunny early spring day, I was spending my newly found free morning train hour feverishly trying to get through my Elvira dress for my daughter in size 10-12 years.


If you have read my previous posts you will know that I usually have several projects on the burner at the same time. This particular pattern is fantastic. The yarn is great (free plug here for Holst Garn). That said, I have reached the mid body level in the dress and am so done with it.  I am afraid ladies and gentlemen, I have the attention span of a gnat… seriously.

This is my one free hour Monday morning before I have to go to work and deal with all sorts of shenanigans through the rest of the week and I am sitting there, hacking away at my knitting hoping it would either magically finish itself OR the needles would suddenly grow in my purse from 3mm to at least 7mm.  When I am at home and actually hold it up and look at the work I have done, I am really quite pleased with it. 

It’s a great project and would recommend it to others – I just don’t think it is one I need to have in my purse to and from work since progress is slow. My gnat like brain just needs some cheap and easy satisfaction.

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