Friday, July 15, 2011

Yarn Bombing Hits Denmark

Some years ago before I started knitting, I noticed a bust of a man who was of local relevance a long time ago fitted with a hand knitted Santa cap just a couple of days before Christmas.  I had never heard of yarn bombing and only figured out some years ago that I had been witness to a bombing some years ago when I saw this site:

So I am reading the local newspaper’s website at work (because that’s what you are supposed to do at work…) and found the following article in Danish: 

So the Danes are finally hip with it.  Hopefully I will see more guerilla knitting coming soon.


  1. I tried to translate the article, but this tree is is Yellow Springs, Ohio, is that what the article says, or who the photographer is? It's my photograph. So I hope they credited it eeeeeek!

  2. Oh, I see it says AP. I don't know how to let them know it isn't AP, but mine. Can you let them know? I would really appreciate it.
    The tree is by the jafagirls.

  3. Thanks for the comment and of course I will pass along the message to Politiken, but isnt is AP that needs to know?

  4. Ha! It looks like you Got your credit. Check the article again - it's got both the place, credit and blog right.

  5. thanks SBJ :) They were just SUPER in clearing it up very quickly.

    Hope everyone in Denmark is having fun with the yarnbombing trend :)